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Bowl Line presents Bowling Fundraisers

Let us help you fundraise...

Have you got 30 people or more that can pick up a bowling ball and are willing to bowl for 2 hours to raise money for your Group or Club, all while having a great time and at no extra cost to them?

Advertise your Bowlathon as a free event to bowlers
The cost of the venue is $10 per person and this is deducted from your total raised.
We provide the venue, sponsorship form, score sheets, equipment and staff to assist you on the day.

Come Along And Have Fun Fundraising

Phone the team to book or for more information (03) 4764 944

This fundraising option is great, as it is different from the normal ideas and can also be used as a team building session, a chance to get to know your team members, club or committee

Here’s How

  • Advertise your bowlathon as a free event to participants.
  • Get together 30 or more people who will bowl 2 games of Tenpin Bowling.
  • Each bowler needs to find 5 or more friends, colleagues or family members to sponsor them 5 cents or more for every pin they knockdown during their 2 games of tenpin bowling.
  • Each bowler will more than likely knock down a minimum of 80 pins per game, if not more (160 pins over 2 games – sponsor would pay $8 @ 5 cents per pin).
  • Each bowler needs to find sponsorship of more than $10 to cover the bowling costs.

30 people bowling 160 pins down = 4800 pins
Sponsorship of 5 cents per pin x 5 sponsors = 25 cents per pin
You raise a total of = $1200.00
Deduct the cost of bowling 30 x 2 games @ $10 = $300.00

You Raise $900.00

The above example is based on 30 people, the more people you get to take part and the more sponsors each person gets, the more you can raise.


  • Each fundraising group must have a minimum of 30 people and a maximum of 108 people.
  • Bowlathons can be played on a  Monday,and Wednesday after 6pm and subject to lane availability.(EXCLUDING  PUBLIC HOLIDAYS)
  • To enable you to collect sponsorship money before paying for the bowling the cost will be invoiced to your group and will be payable within 7 days.
  • Prior Booking Essential

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